Thursday, May 6, 2010

Potholes in Lae - Papua New Guinea

I suppose this would be a useless way of waking the people down here in Morobe Province .. Nobody can do anything, you talk to everybody and still the same thing. Nothing Happens !! Nobody Cares !!!

Its not that i should be pessimistic - but ... oooooohhhh .. come and have a look ..

Roads are being covered and patched with mud or gravel which after 2 or 3 days makes the hole/s bigger. In most areas you can't go anywhere at this point-in-time where the under of your car would not get in contact with the potholes that are not being attended to. Even the PMVs ( passenger bus ) are really slowing down and still hit the pots edges .... oh my goodness !!!

They are not potholes anymore but LAKES .. wooohooo ...

Hopefully in the near future - someone could stand up and do what should be done about these.

That's being optimistic - should like that .. but maybe not here ..